"I joined the community of Nostalgia Simulation Baseball several years ago. It's an addictive game, each season bringing new challenges. NSB allows a multitude of sophisticated controls over all aspects of managing a baseball team. And the weekly reports and box scores will satisfy the most insatiable statistics appetite."

- Keith Waddle, Abilene, Texas

"A wildly addictive – extremely fun – superlatively well-coded sim game – with tons of statistical information for your inner analytical child to sift through.”

- Bret Fearrien, Northern California

"I'd like to say how much I enjoy NSB. I've played other fantasy baseball games but NSB is the best.  You get to choose players from the 1890's up to today.  You get to set the line ups and pitching rotations in different ballparks.  Many of the other managers have played NSB for several years and they're both friendly and helpful. Again, NSB is the BEST."

- Carl LeDuc, Naples, Florida

""NSB is the absolute best baseball simulation out there. I've tried a few other simulations and none touch what NSB provides. For those with a passion towards baseball and all it's history, stats, and entertainment... this is the game for you!""

- Briz, Hill Country, Texas