Dear Member,

I'd like to offer a progress report on our new web edition. After 6 weeks of intensive work, I am now in a better position to offer a sketch of the future. 

What I've Been Doing

I've been writing code and building tables. I now have a good grasp of MySQL and how to make it work for us. I've learned enough PHP to get where we need to go, and I'm trying to assimilate the basics of AJAX and Java Script so that we have a robust interactive interface. I have completed building tables for the Historical Database on the batting side. I have also completed tables for box scores, batting roster, pitching roster, league configuration, login routines, park report, the events calendar, and the process for joining a league. I have a full working menu system in place, and I've finished the art work for the header that goes atop each page.  

I have taken care to utilize development environments that are optimized for mobile devices: smart phones, notepads, android, etc. I've already tested what I'm doing on a smart phone and am happy to report that the interface works very well.

Development Schedule

I will almost certainly have a fully working demo by summer's end (2014). This will be an important milestone, because it enables our members to offer concrete feedback and suggestions. Provided the 2014-2015 academic year is like most, I will be working at a slower pace during that period. However, I can still get a substantial amount done, enough, I think, to go live in the summer of 2015. There are some hurdles ahead, i.e., things I must do but as yet have not figured out how to do them in a web edition.


There is every reason to believe that eventually the PC-based version of our game will become obsolete. It will remain true that a local application is optimal for raw speed and user flow. However, as the desktop-laptop market continues to shrink, we will find that the most important feature to potential members is the anywhere-anytime freedom of operating your leagues on a mobile device. As mentioned elsewhere, I will continue to support the PC-based version of the game for those who prefer it.

Sneak Preview

I'm including below a sneak preview of what the lead screen in the demo will look like when i publish it. Thanks for your support in this endeavor.